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| Tuesday, September 2 2014 |

Another victory for socialized medicine.

Lets say your child was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Good news! A recently developed treatment could cure him. Bad news: Bureaucrats say no. Worse news: Bureaucrats throw you in the clink when you dare disrepsect their authora-tay.

The mother of a young boy who survived brain cancer after receiving pioneering treatment in the US, says she sympathises with the parents of Aysha King.

Brett and Naghemeh King were arrested in Malaga, Spain after taking their son out of a British hospital against doctors' advice. They are currently being questioned by police, while their son is being treated in a Spanish hospital.

Ros Barnes, who took her son Alex to the US to receive proton beam therapy that was not available to him in the UK, told ITV's Daybreak that it had been difficult to go against British doctors' advice, but she had felt she was left with no alternative.

Alex Barnes has since made a full recovery and appeared alongside his mother on the programme.

Enjoy our wizard medicine while it lasts, kids.

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