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| Wednesday, April 23 2014 |

$20 million can't buy a brain.

It can, however, buy you a really shitty propaganda show that nobody watches.

Climate change is one of the issues at the top of President Barack Obama’s agenda, and now it’s getting big budget treatment in Hollywood, at least by documentary standards.

A nine-part series called “Years of Living Dangerously” will debut this Sunday evening on Showtime–emphasizing stories “from the front lines” of climate change impact. The first episode, now available online, stars actors Harrison Ford and Don Cheadle, two of the series’ correspondents.


YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY was at a dismal 0.04.

That would be half of it's premiere share as Anthony Watts points out.

How terrible is a 0.04 share? Well, about 85% fewer viewers than Piers Morgan's recently cancelled idiotic tripe on CNN.

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| Thursday, April 17 2014 |

Reuters drinking game and eye exam.

Read this story and take a shot for every "right-wing".

If you can still stand after reaching the end, you need glasses.

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| Tuesday, April 15 2014 |

Do want.

So there's this thing, which appears to be a Segway for heterosexuals.

Do want.

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| Friday, April 4 2014 |

Dear Apple,

No humans I'm aware of actually use the "reading list" feature of Safari. It is annoyingly easy, however, to mistakenly click the "add" button, oh, every six seconds. So please make that particular feature turn-offable.

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