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| Thursday, March 26 2015 |

Yeah, that.

I tend to dislike film critics, except when they're clever and hate the same films I hate. Christopher Orr hates Sean Penn's latest venture into self gratification, The Gunman, and you should, too. Much of Orr's review is too good to excerpt, but I can't quite resist this bit:

24. Terry calls Jimís cell phone. Heís taken both Stanley and Annie hostage, as recommended in the invaluable handbook Villainy For Idiots. While Jim listens, Terry shoots Stanley in the face, because thatís what Secret Villains do to Loyal Friends. He also threatens to kill Annie, unless Jim brings all his evidence against the company to a bullfight in Barcelona. Because, you know: Spain. (Here I feel obligated to point out that bullfighting has in fact been outlawed in Barcelona since 2012.)

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