Posted: Saturday, July 29 2017 by Ragin' Dave ( Email )

I ride a Honda Shadow. I've put 15,000 miles on it in about a year and a half. All I do is change the oil, keep the tires aired up and fill it with gas. My buddy rides an Indian. He's put 15,000 miles on it in one year. Same thing as the Honda - Change the oil, keep the tires aired up and fill it with gas. I have several co-workers who ride Harleys. Change the oil, change the tranny fluid, repair the blown head gasket, repair the clutch, replace the parts that VIBRATE OFF, repair the clutch AGAIN, replace more parts that VIBRATE OFF while they were on a road trip, (Your shifter fell off and you're stick in third gear? You don't say!) pay waaaaaay to much for parts because "That's the price of owning a Harley!", wash, rinse, repeat. So I agree with pretty much everything you've said - Harley needs to completely re-do their line, or they'll die out. There are far better bikes out there. If Harley didn't have a cult-like following, they'd have been dead and gone years ago.

Posted: Monday, May 21 2018 by Tylerdyera ( Email ) ( Website )

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