Another Bushism?

Much Ballyhoo has been made of late about the recent requests coming out of the White House for the U.N. to get involved with Iraq.

On the euro-pinhead side of the fence, there's the to be expected "Hah! See, you can't do it alone!". A natural tendency among the weak-- Squawking about how hard something was after the job is done.

Fortunately, I don't give a damn what they think.

What I do care about is the doomsday-esque treatment that a lot of otherwise intelligent pro-Bush people are giving this. I think they're reading the text instead of what's between the lines, as they should.

Bush has become something of the standard for allowing one's critics to hang themselves. It would be foolish that he would suddenly discontinue the practice. So, here's my analysis.

First off, it has been claimed by some that we're spread too thin around the world thanks to Clinton's Mothballing of the Military, or that we may need troops elsewhere in the near future. To that I say: Money. Bush has proven to be rather liberal with the dough, and so if there was indeed a dire need for additional troops in Iraq, I find myself wondering why we wouldn't just go to a given nation and offer a bouquet of T&A (Trade and Aid, not the alternative meaning) in exchange for a "show of support" in the way of 10-20 thousand troops. Best of all, it could be done under the table.

But, he didn't do that. This could very well be another fake to the left, to aptly name it, such as his "support" of the assault weapons ban. Sure, we'll study this and analyze that, while knowing full well that it hasn't a hope in hell of passing the house or senate.

He went directly to the U.N., which makes me believe that this whole thing is more likely yet another grand political move to which he is becoming quite well known for.

A Bush Masterstroke, in which he makes a show of going back to the U.N. just after his critics have stopped waving the unilateral banner, while knowing full well that the proposed U.N. involvement (primarily military peacekeepers) will be effectively impossible to garner without letting them stick their fingers in the pie on other fronts. Bush can then say: Hey, I asked them to come on in and help out, but they didn't want to. Who is unreasonable now?

The next year is certainly going to be an interesting political show.

UPDATE: Lee has more on the issue. Looks like I was right, and Bush was just being... well, Bush.

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