Mac "Arrogance"

Mac Some people just don't like Mac users. In fact, some borderline hate Mac users. Generally, this is due to an assumed arrogance that goes with the title of "Mac User". Our computers run the vast majority of the entertainment, publishing, and graphics industries. Our computers are elegant and pretty. Our computers don't make us swear at them and beat on them in fits of anger when Microsoft's "Good Enough" engineering comes into play. The people who make our computers care more about the fact that they're easy to use and productive to work on, than they do about the bottom line cost of production.

Some people just don't understand why anyone would want to use a Mac. They cost more. They're "slower". You can't get software for them. A copious collection of jibes aimed at the little machine that wouldn't follow the herd.

They detest the presumed arrogance Mac users have towards, specifically, PC users. You guys use Windows, the Bill Clinton of operating systems. You guys use machines that look like the inside of an electrical junction box. You guys spend the same time it took to build the Chrysler building on importing video files.

So where does this arrogance come from? Well, it doesn't come from a superiority complex, as some would assume. No, it comes from plain, simple spite. Spite, caused by people who think the average Mac user is some sad, diluted fool who doesn't "know any better".

So, when one of the know-better people start yammering about how fast intel processors are, we pipe up and flat out tell them that we still manage to get things done faster because the people who made our computers and software actually give a damn. That's not arrogance, that's spite.

Of course, now things are different. Now, we have one of the fastest processors. We have the fastest front side bus. We have cutting edge storage and gobs of IO bandwidth. So now that virtually all of the age-old anti-mac arguments no longer apply, you're going to see even more of this Spite towards those who would call down the little guy, who stuck it out and demanded something better than the status quo.

The irony is that this Spite (or arrogance, as some would say), is virtually all caused by the people who hate it the most.

Sorry guys, the ball's in our court now.

posted by Mr. Lion | 06/24/03 @ 15:05 | comments (3)