Web development sins.

I probably shouldn't even write this here, as this blog uses a layout and back end that I built in.. 2000? Or so. I haven't updated its structure or layout in a decade. Largely, as I never have the time to do so. Well, that's mostly true. There actually is a much better, shiney new XHTML-based blog app I wrote a year or two ago that is much better than this one, though for logistical reasons I never have the time to deploy the stupid thing. One day, soon.

Anyhow, with that said, I feel compelled to take issue with the latest scourge to hit the web, which is embedding eleventy billion social networking tag widgets in every single post on a blog-style site.

Why is this stupid? Well, aside from the fact that the majority of social networking is general nonsense nobody cares about that will go the way of MySpace in a few years, each one of those stupid scripts needs to load from a remote site that is often being entirely slammed with requests for the same stupid thing over and over again. Largely because of this practice.

I do not care about your facebook likes. I do not care to tweet your content. Nor am I going to use that stupid google+ link to do a damn thing. So please, for the love of all that is sane, stop forcing people to load these stupid scripts with different variables, making caching impossible, with each effing page load.

posted by Mr. Lion | 02/09/12 @ 13:44 | comments (0)