iPhone 7: First Impressions

Click for larger image - iPhone 7: First Impressions Turns out I picked a few weeks ago to shatter my iPhone 6, so while I was in no particular rush to upgrade, that event moved it up the priority list. As did Jet Black, which is the finish I've wanted on Apple devices since they started putting black on anything.

So, things I like:

I also quite like that it's much closer to waterproof than it used to be. While I've never taken an iPhone for a swim, I've come close a few times. All in all, from a hardware perspective, the iPhone 7 is a very nice refresh that feels, works and looks much nicer than the 6. I wouldn't call it particularly ground breaking-- if you're on the "S" upgrade path, I'd want for the 7S.

Things I don't like-- I really can't say anything bad about the hardware. I don't care that the audio jack is gone as I haven't plugged a set of headphones into an iPhone since the original one. No, the only things I dislike have to do with iOS 10.

So, all in all, a few annoyances with iOS 10 notwithstanding, I'm quite happy with it. Especially considering it doesn't explode like.. other phones I could mention.

posted by Mr. Lion | 09/30/16 @ 09:58 | comments (1)