Gagging on the Socialist Pill.

So I'm watching Fox 5 news while waiting for things to compile yesterday, and a piece comes on about how Americans are slaves to consumerism, featuring sound bites from the socialist author du jour on how we've all been tricked by the big evil corporations to buy buy buy. The usual nonsense was slathered on like, dare I use the term again, neo-Marxian mayonnaise. It's all about keeping up with the joneses. Slaves to the almighty buck. Gotta have this, that and the other thing because our culture says so.

And then, surprise!, cut to the B-roll of children with falling-apart sandals in some third world shit hole, and for extra points, feature some fruitcake going on about how she gave up her hectic, evil, corporate job to distribute shoes to these poor children.

I tossed my nerf football at the TV so hard I almost knocked it off the shelf.

I am so infinitely tired of these grabasstic pieces of socialist goop trying to convince the country that consumerism is bad, then using the plight of some dictator-governed hell hole as an example of a considerably more noble target for all that evil money we Americans are so good at making than, say, the local BMW dealership.

I have two stark news flashes for these people. First, Americans work longer, harder and more productive hours than any other group of people on the planet for one reason and one reason alone: Nobody told us we couldn't live like Kings if we were willing to bust our asses hard enough to do so. Our country was created with the freedom for the lowest bump on the social stick to reach the top, prevented by absolutely nothing save his own ambition. Our history is full, full of people who did exactly that. Bill Gates dropped out of college, and became the world's foremost marketing genius, and as a result the richest man on the planet. Steve Jobs saw the future in a garage, and turned that vision into a product that changed the world, and made him extremely wealthy. John Rockefeller went to work at 16 at a commission house, saved his pennies, and started his own business, only to move on to the oil business and become the country's first billionaire. The list goes on, and on, and on, and on. A good friend of mine never finished high school, but today is a leading figure on wall street. He buys helicopters in his spare time.

Second, there is nothing special or exclusive about the American way of life. Nobody handed down the silver spoon to the vast majority of millionaires and billionaires in this country. Most of them busted their ass, then did it some more to achieve what they have. No one gave Americans the sacred right to create wealth. Hell, nobody gave us anything. We had to fight for our freedom and fight for our independence, and the same spirit exists in the free market today. If I decide to work 60 or 80 hours a week, it's because I want to. It's because I want a Porsche, or a Yacht, or a house the size of a shopping mall, and I'm willing to do what it takes to achieve those things.

We are not the French, nor do we wish to be. We would rather work our asses off than be coddled by the nanny state, because the things that socialism provide are not good enough for us. We want the best, and we get it, or we build it, because we're willing to do what it takes to get it.

Physically, we're the same human beings as those who wallow in dictator-run hellholes and hold their sandals together with duct tape. We're made of the same skin and bone, and have the same ability to learn and to work. The difference is in the mindset, the spirit if you will. We won't allow dictators or the elite to rule us. Ask the British how well their attempt to do just that worked out. The majority of us won't rot on a couch while sucking off the government teat and happily assume that living in squalor is "good enough". We want to work. We want to achieve our hopes and dreams, because this is the only place on earth that we can.

That's why millions upon millions of immigrants came here, and continue to do so. They wanted nothing more than to work hard, and be rewarded for doing so, rather than grind away day after day in a grey job at a grey factory with absolutely no ambition, just another cog in the socialist wheel of obscurity. They wanted a Ferrari in their garage, not a Volkswagon in everyone's garage. They wanted top sirloin on the plate, not a cup of gruel. They wanted their children to achieve more than they ever did, not become resigned to sharing their ultimate fate.

When you talk to a 20-something German factory worker, and they say that they can't wait to make it to their 40's, so they can start sucking off their pension checks, it shouldn't require much deduction to find the problem. Talk to the same 20-something American factory worker, and he'll probably tell you not to waste his time, he's pulling a double shift to help pay off his new Corvette.

The bottom line is, Americans have no obligation to soothe the aches and clothe the bodies of those in the world who aren't willing to stand up for their own freedom, nor work for their own success. We do, in many ways, and to many times the degree of other nations, out of compassion and friendship. But we do not have to. We are not obligated to do so simply because some idiot thinks it's a moral sin for a "certain kind" of people to stand at an SUV dealership and wonder, gee, do I want the tan leather or the white?

The prattling socialist nimrods of the world think John Q. Taxpayer should give the $60,000 he wants to spend on a Cadillac Escalade to those who "need it" more than he does, even though he's the one who created the wealth he spends. They're the same ones who don't think there should be "winners" or "losers" in society, the same who think personal responsibility is a naughty word.

Well, those of us who are not insane don't, and that's why we have more millionaires per capita than any nation in the history of the planet.

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